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The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan is a non-profit organization committed to the conservation of our wild lands while promoting the sport of off-road motorcycling. During the riding season, organized “trail tours” are held at various locations throughout the trail system in the northern part of the state. In addition, The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan sponsors the “Ultimate Trail Ride” – the Michael R. Burlingham Memorial Six Days of Michigan. Six full days of off-road riding – there’s no other ride like it anywhere in the world!

Your membership in The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan includes a one year subscription to the Great Lakes TrailRider Magazine, a detailed electronic ORV map listing (on flash drive) of the Michigan trail system, access to all CCC events and activities plus access to the members' section of this website. To join, simply click here, follow the link above, or contact the CCC office at 517-416-0126.

Missaukee Junction ORV Trail in Wexford County Temporarily Closed

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced today that, effective immediately, a temporary closure of the 14.5-mile Missaukee Junction ORV Trail is anticipated to take place through spring 2018. The trail is located in the Cadillac Forest Management Unit, just two miles north of Cadillac in Wexford County.

As a result of multiple active timber harvests taking place adjacent to the trail, sections of the trail are intermittently closed to allow for large logging equipment, which can make the trail unsafe for riders.

In addition to active timber harvests, forest management activities in the vicinity also have provided an opportunity to re-route the recreation trail along natural forest boundaries that will better serve trail users for the long term.

Timber harvests are an important tool in keeping state forests healthy. Michigan's approximately 4 million acres of state-managed forest land support a multitude of uses, including forest-based recreation, critical habitat for wildlife and timber management. In the area of the trail, trees that have reached their life expectancy or are prone to disease will be harvested. Some trees will regenerate naturally, while others will be replanted.

"The DNR balances recreation with forest health," said Blair Tweedale, DNR forester at the Manton Field Office. "As a part of carefully planned forest management activities, timber harvests help improve the health of the forest, encourage the growth of new trees and benefit wildlife habitat, all while creating an improved long-term location for the ORV trail."

Plans for the trail re-route alignment work were approved through a public input process. The logging companies will "erase" some trail segments by placing brush in the current location of the trail. Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan volunteers will reconstruct the trail in its new location along natural forest boundaries. The trail realignment project will be supported with a grant from Michigan’s Off-Road Vehicle Trail Improvement Fund.

The projects are expected to be completed in spring 2018.

ORV Trail Bridge Reopened After $803,000 Repair is Completed in Ontonagon County

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has reopened the South Branch of the Ontonagon River bridge near Ewen after significant work was completed to revitalize the former railroad bridge.

Work began this summer and was completed ahead of schedule. The bridge reopened after final inspection on Sept. 20. This $803,000 project was funded through ORV and Recreational Trails Program funding. Repairs were performed by MJO Contracting Inc. of Hancock.

“MJO Contracting did an excellent job and their attention to detail will ensure recreational users are able to enjoy this structure for generations to come,” said Jeff Kakuk, DNR western Upper Peninsula trails specialist.

Work undertaken consisted of removal of the old bridge deck and wood approach abutments. The site was grubbed and graded to allow water to drain away from the bridge footings, two of which were rebuilt. The old bridge abutments were replaced with concrete and steel.

The new bridge deck is constructed of custom pressure-treated, glue-laminated beams, deck and railing.

The 443-foot-long steel plate girder bridge, which was originally constructed during Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic railroad development, previously underwent engineering review by Northwest Design Group of Traverse City.

“This bridge provides access for snowmobile, off-road vehicle and non-motorized traffic on the Bergland to Sidnaw Rail Grade,” Kakuk said. “It’s great having this important trail river crossing project completed.”

The Bergland to Sidnaw Rail Trail (Snowmobile Trail No. 8) uses the former DSS&A railroad grade and runs for 49 miles. The route parallels M-28, running east and west, in Ontonagon County.

Public Act 288 Creates New ORV Access

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is currently working to implement Public Act 288 of 2016, which requires a comprehensive inventory of thousands of miles of state forest roads and regulates the use of Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs) on those roads. DNR staff has made preliminary recommendations on which roads will be open for ORV use and which will remain closed. Please be aware of and engaged in this process. The most efficient method for reviewing the DNR recommendations and submitting comments is to use the online map at www.michigan.gov/forestroads. The map displays the DNR road system and identifies which roads are recommended to be opened, closed, or seasonally closed to ORV use. Interested parties can add their comments directly to the map (instructions are available on the website). Alternatively, comments will be accepted via email to DNR-roadinventoryproject@michigan.gov or by mail to DNR Roads Inventory Project, PO Box 456, Vanderbilt, MI 49795. The DNR is accepting comments until July 15, 2017. The comments will be incorporated into the final recommendations, which will be made available for additional public review prior to DNR Director, Keith Creagh, making a final decision, which is expected at the November 9, 2017 Natural Resources Commission meeting. Final maps and the total miles of state forest roads open to motorized uses will be posted on the DNR’s website by the end of 2017. This process will continue in other regions of the state into 2018. Please feel free to distribute this information to your ORV friends and families.

Custom CCC Riding Jersies Now Available

Looking for a great gift for the off-road rider in your house? The Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan has partnered with Fly Racing, one of the top brands of purpose-built riding gear and accessories in the industry to offer custom imprinted riding jersies! The jersies are black polyester with whit trim and feature a large CCC logo screen printed on the back. Click here for pics and details!

Sharing Our Trails

For a complete guide to trail etiquette in Michigan, click here.

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